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General Conditions

General conditions and rules


General Conditions

General conditions and rules


To foster polysportive interests as well as the famous «SAS spirit».
To encourage athletes of all ages, men and women, to participate in combined competitions.

To activate contacts between SAS and associates sports clubs. To motivate team spirit. Team score is more important than the individual result.


1.     Giant-Slalom (approx. 30 gates, 1:45 min.)

2.     Ski-Jump (2 jumps only for distance, normal skis and bindings allowed)

3.     Target Curling (8 stones)

4.     Cross-Country on skis (approx. 5 km)

5.     Swimming (66.67 m free style)

Teams / Participation

Teams of three persons, same gender or mixed, independent of age. Teams from universities, academic ski- and sports clubs and other clubs with friendship ties to the SAS.
The final selection will be made by the Organization Committee. Participants must reach age 12 in the particular Pentathlon year.


a) Each competitor must start in every event.

b) Each team must appoint a Captain who will be responsible for the team being ready in all aspects.

c) Each competitor will be allotted a starting number which must be worn in each event to be allowed to start. In the swimming event, the starting number must be carried to the starting block for identification.

d) A competitor who is not ready to start an event at the adver- tised time may be disqualified for this event.

e) A disqualified participant (infringement of rules) or a retiree from one and/or more events, is not eliminated from the competition, but will score no points in the events he did not participate. Only competitors participating in every event will be considered for the final classification.

f) Exchange of team members will not be permitted after the briefing on Friday evening preceding the event, even in the case of injury, sickness and other reasons. However, the reduced team may remain in the competition and count for points.


For each event the results and rankings will be decided on the base of a point method (based on 1000 points). Competitors will be ranked in an order of merit for each event according to the rules. The points gained in each event will be increased by the handicap points. The total from all events will decide the final ranking of teams and individuals. The method of scoring, which is based on International Pentathlon Rules, as well as the handicap formulas, are included in the Rules and Conditions for each event (cf. scoring tabulation).


Must be addressed by the Team Captain with the Event Or- ganizer within 30 minutes of completion of each event. The Event Organizer will investigate the protest and report to the Organizing Committee. The Jury’s decision is final.

Order of Competitors and Teams in each event

Before the competition, a draw will be made to decide starting order of competitors and teams. This will be made as follows:

a)  Giant-Slalom: Each team will indicate seeding of competitors in three main groups. Group 1 will start the event, followed by Group 2 and Group 3. A draw will then be made to decide order of competitors within each group.

b)  Ski-Jump: Starting order according to initially allotted members.

c)  Target Curling: Teams will be drawn to decide order of curling. The Captain will declare order of play of his team members before starting to the Event Organizer. Six teams will compete simultaneously.

d)  Cross-Country Skiing: Starting order according to initially allotted numbers in couples.

e)  Swimming: Starting order according to initially allotted numbers in heats of four competitors.


Team Captains are responsible for the training and practice of their teams prior to competition. The facilities for each event will be available for last moment practice as follows:

a)  Giant-Slalom: Skiers may be permitted to walk up or to ski down by the side of the course prior to the event. The course will be set a short time before the race.

b)  Ski-Jump: One official practice jump will be required from each participant.

c)  Target Curling: One hour before the competition starts, each team will be permitted 10 minutes practice on a reserved rink.

d)  Cross-Country Skiing: Competitors will be permitted to run trough the course prior to start.

e)  Swimming: Half an hour before the competition.

Indemnity, Insurance and Safety

No competitor nor official shall have any claim against the Organizer for damages, for injury to person or damage to equipment arising from the five events or during practice. Each competitor or official shall be responsible for his own insurances (accident as well as third party liability). Wearing a helmet is compulsory in Giant-Slalom and Ski-Jump Competitions.



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Registration Info


Registration Info



You can register here, deadline is March 6.

Entry fee is to be paid in advance.

You can register as team or if you don’t have a team yet you can register as individual and we will help you to find the right match ; ) Team members can be substituted until Friday evening’s briefing.

Acceptance is at the discretion of the organizers.


Regular:  CHF 180.-
Event fee, Saturday lift ticket and Saturday dinner per person.

Special:  CHF 60.-
Event fee, Saturday lift ticket and Saturday dinner per person for competitors born in 1991 or later, or domiciled outside Switzerland.

To be acquired in advance in our

Ticket Shop

or by wire transfer to Schweizerischer Akademischer Skiclub, Pentathlon, at Credit Suisse, 8070 Zurich, IBAN CH76 0483 5035 0099 2000 0.


The participants are individually responsible for their accommodation. Please make your reservations as early as possible and refer to «SAS Pentathlon» when booking.

Hotel Sunstar**** CHF 152.– p. P.
Tel. +41 33 854 77 77

For all other hotels (***bed & breakfast rate at ca. CHF 75.– p. P.) check to book online or call Grindelwald Tourism, +41 33 854 12 12.



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Competition & Scoring

Competition rules and scoring

Competition & Scoring

Competition rules and scoring

Handicap and Age Groups

Each female and each participant above 28 years of age will receive handicap points in addition to the net score according to the following rules:


12 - 27

28 and above

Women (points)


5x (1992 - year of birth) + 175

Men (points)


5x (1992 - year of birth)

A competitor with handicap points obtaining less than the cut off result (performance for 0 points), will lose handicap points for this difference, according to the scoring regulations.
In the event of a disqualification, no handicap points will be granted for the respective event.


There will be only one run. A penalty of 10 seconds for each gate a competitor fails to pass correctly will be added to his time. For telemarkskiers the run time will be multiplied by 0.925.


Three jumps are required from each participant. The first is an official practice. The second and the third jump count for competition. Normal skis and bindings are accepted, however without poles. No skating allowed. The ski-jumping platform (hoppet) will be about 1/2 m high and allow jumps of about 25 m in length.

Target Curling

Captains declare order of play in each team to Event Organizer. In addition to the official practice, each team will be allowed to lay another 8 stones in order to read the ice before playing for points. Each competitor in turn plays 8 stones in succession, aiming to rest the stone in the centre of the «house» (target area). To assist the competitor in laying the stones, one member of a team may indicate from the «target» where the stone should be laid and which «handle» or «twist» should be given. The mem- bers of the team may sweep with a broom in front of the stone as directed, to assist in laying stone on target.
Any stone touched by a broom or a participant while in motion will be removed and will not count in scoring. Each stone out- side the target may be removed after it has come to rest through the competitor in play.
Target Scoring: After 8 stones have been laid, those resting in the «house» (target area) will score as decided by the Umpire. Scoring will be as follows:

Stone or any part of stone in central white or blue circles


Stone or any part of stone in middle white circle


Stone or any part of stone in outer red circle


Stone completely in square target area


Stones outside the target (may be removed after stone comes to rest)



Maximum score 80

Practice: Teams are advised to arrive at their allocated ice rink for practice and advice. There is much to be gained from a little experience in learning how to lay a stone or apply the most effective sliding delivery.

Cross-Country Skiing

The free style race distance will be approx. 5 km on a fairly level course. The course will be marked and officials will be positioned around the course. Pacing of racers is not allowed. A competitor who is to be passed has to give way at first request. Competitors will start in couples as drawn, in intervals of 30 seconds.
If a competitor starts too soon he will be recalled and restarted; his time will, however, be taken from the scheduled time at which he should have started.
A competitor who arrives late may be allowed to start, but his time will be taken from the scheduled time at which he should have started.

Link to google maps: Location



The competitors will swim 66.67 m in 4 laps in previously drawn heats of four beginning at the shallow end. Competitors will be called forward to start behind their starting blocks and with their respective numbers.
A competitor who fails to report when called will be disqualified. Competitors shall start from a standing position at the edge of the pool, and may enter the water in any manner providing they do not interfere with other swimmers. Compe- titors may swim choosing their preferred style and must touch the pool wall at the end of each lap. Failure to touch will lead to disqualification. In the event of a false start, the swimmers will be recalled by a whistle blow. In this case the starter shall call back the competitors at the first or second false start, and remind them not to start before the starting signal. If repeated for the third time in the same heat, the responsible swimmer will be disqualified.
On completing the course, competitors are to remain in the water and in their own lanes until allowed to leave. Having left the water, competitors should immediately move away from this area.

Pentathlon Light competition rules

An additional option with a separate ranking is carried out for teams of three consisting of competitors more than fifty or less than sixteen years old.
Every member of a team qualifying for the Pentathlon Light competition has to participate in the target curling and one additional event of individual choice.
All other Pentathlon rules and conditions also apply to teams and participants of the Pentathlon Light competition.



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Arrival, check-in


Dinner (individual)


Curling Building

Training Curling (facultative, 2 lanes)


Hotel Sunstar

Briefing (compulsary for team captains)



First, Grindellift

Giant-Slalom (approx. 1:45 min.)



Training Ski-Jump (1 jump compulsory)



Ski-Jump (2 jumps)


Sportcenter Building

Curling Practice (not compulsory)


Sportcenter Building

Target Curling (8 stones per team member)


Hotel Sunstar

Dinner (casual, SAS Pullover)



To be announced

Cross-Country Ski-Race (approx. 5 km)


Sportcenter Building

Training Swimming (facultative)


Sportcenter Building

Swimming (66.67m free style)


Lunch (individual)


Hotel Sunstar

Photo show


Hotel Sunstar




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Challenge Trophies

Challenge Trophies

Challenge Trophies

Challenge Trophies

"JEAn Carotte" Memorial Challenge Trophy

Trophy for the best team. In Honour of Hansruedi Helbling † 27.07.1972


Ivan Wagner Challenge Trophy

Trophy for the best individual result

Challenge Trophy for the best individual lady result


Harald Herbert Challenge Trophy

Trophy for the best individual score without age handicap


Christian Roed Memorial Trophy

Trophy for the best individual result without handicap in all 3 skiing disciplines


J.-J. Clavadetscher Challenge Trophy

Trophy for the best team result in the «Pentathlon light»


Hans Nater Challenge Trophy

Trophy for the fastest run time in giant-slalom


John Palmer Memorial Challenge Trophy

Trophy for the winner of the ski-jumping


Marc Russenberger Challenge Trophy

Trophy for the winner of the target curling


Challenge Trophy for the fastest run time in cross-country


Beat Walpoth Challenge Trophy

Trophy for the fastest time in swimming


Medals for three best team and individual results overall and for best team and individual results in each discipline.



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